The management of EGI is committed to the maintenance of safe working environment for all employees and the communities who we serve. Safety is a crucial part of our three part program focusing on safety, quality and housekeeping. No part of this program can be successful without all three equal elements.

Our action plan for safety and health is made up of four phases:

  1. To have communication from all employees for potential problems.
  2. Investigation by the safety committee as appointed by the management of all potential hazards.
  3. Resolution of problems through maintenance, training, and/or method changes.
  4. Communication to all employees, what the problem was, how it was connected and what must be done to avoid recurrences.

Our supervisory personnel are responsible for monitoring and directing a sound and effective program to enhance the safety and health of our employees, just as quality and housekeeping is not someone else's job but a big part of our duties. The company will insure implantation and maintenance of its policies through constant vigil, evaluation coupled with quick and appropriate corrective action toward anyone who fails to adhere to its policies. Including making safety an integral part of job performance evaluations.

It is our strong belief that most accidents are avoidable and that pain and suffering from an accident are not part of doing business. Through constant awareness of our total program and commitment from all levels of the organization, we will take a leadership role in our industry.